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Project description

Olivas Rocks was commission by a County Industrial Development Authority, hereafter known as the “IDA,” for a term of sixty days to create the strategy for the IDA’s legislative and program initiatives. The strategy included a work plan that details the status of present and proposed projects in the County. Additionally, the plan included micro and macro viewpoints that highlight various tactics, initiatives, and overall direction the IDA should take to position the County for economic growth.

The plan includes extensive lists of all available funding opportunities (grants, discretionary funds, administrative work plans, etc.) for projects specific to the County. The list was created by interviews with IDA Board Members, elected and non-elected government officials.

In accordance with Motion by the Board of Directors the Olivas Group took the following factors into consideration while developing the IDA’s strategy.

  • Establish organizational commitment to public policy – A long-term commitment to engaging in public policy, and make it a strategic priority for the organization.
  • Architect a decision-making structure – that can support and manage public policy activities, including establishing policies to guide advocacy work.
  • Create Policy Agendas – clearly defined to guide public policy activities. These policy agendas must allow for flexibility in shifting priorities to respond to pressing issues as they arise.
  • Secure Relationships with Stakeholders (Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and Policymakers) – Ability to build relationships with and establish partnerships and coalitions with other nonprofits. Relationships and credibility with the targets of advocacy efforts – government agencies and policymakers– are also important.
  • Designate Organizational Resources to Engage in Public Policy – dedicated financial resources specifically to supporting public policy activities. This could include hiring dedicated public policy staff or contracting with a lobbyist.
  • Develop Communication Skills and Infrastructure – staff skilled in communicating with policy makers, as well as an infrastructure for communicating regularly and in a timely fashion with both members and policymakers.
  • Expand Knowledge of State, Local and National Politics – an understanding of the political climate within which you work and the ability to develop strategies that are appropriate to this environment. This perhaps the most difficult indicator to assess given that it essentially involves measuring political savvy, confidence, and sophistication.
  • Increase Technical Expertise Related to Public Policy- an understanding of the technical areas related to public policy, including the legislative process, tax and budget policy and the budget process, and general policy issues concerning the nonprofit sector in their state.

Client: County IDA

Date: September 15, 2016

Categories: Creative, Design, Development

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