Political Action Committee

Project description

The livelihood of the nation’s greatest assets, the working class, is threatened by increased policies and regulations that adversely impact employment opportunities. PBC 40’s mission is to protect the interests of the working class by advocating for the election of pro-blue collar candidates and the defeat of candidates that oppose the livelihood of the American working class. Protect the Blue Collar 40 (PBC 40) is not a Labor Union. PBC 40 is a political action committee inspired by the blue collared shirt, and the women and men that wore it as the universal symbol of the working class heroes that built the U.S. economic infrastructure. PBC 40’s founder, Rev. Mike Olivas, heard the cries of the Americans that give their 40 plus hours work weeks performing manual and industrial labor. If you’re part of the blue collar, hard hat, over-taxed Americans whose paychecks depend on the clock, we are proud to say, PBC 40 is your VOICE!!

Client: PBC 40

Date: March 01, 2016

Categories: Creative, Design, Development

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